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    Here at OsBoX we put our effort in bringing the latest and greatest IT-technologies to market. Our motto is to empower each and everyone to gain access to these brand new products. As a result of the low-entry but feature rich environment, more people innovate new applications which at the end, ends back with us to start over again.

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One site fits all

All of our websites are built using HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery, and built using one of the world's most powerful CSS frameworks available, Bootstrap. Combined with high performance scripts and SQL databases, the end-user experience is one of the best around.

High performance

Every product that we launch is created with scalability in mind. The infrastructure plan is being build by the most experienced people in the field. Our objective is to maintain high performance without sacrificing security, simplicity or compatiblity.

User friendly

As always, the end-users want control for the products they are leasing. A team is dedicated on the lookout to improve the user-friendliness. For example, our cloud brand EcoDedi has a beautyful yet simplistic layout with button indicating the risk factor.

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EcoDedi Showcase

EcoDedi is a cloud solution provider that is focusing on building more ecologic or "greener" clouds. EcoDedi differentiates itself from other by creating a rock-solid foundation, simple interface and immense flexility. Only the most ecological datacenters are good enough for the clouds to be build. In today's world it is all about making quick decisions based on how the market is reacting on certain products. We allow the flexibility to expand or decrease the size of your cloud with just a few mouse-click away.

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"The power of innovating start with innovations themselves."    Oscar Oldendorp - CEO OsBoX Dutch Network Engineering

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